Kyokushin Karate

The story of the club

Karate started to spread in Hungary in the 1980s. The club in Pápa was founded in 1982 by Sempai Somogyi Zsolt first dan master. There were about 200 persons on the trainings, our competitors have achieved  excellent international and national results. The club of Pápa has joined the Hungarian Kyokushin Karate Organization which was supervised by Shihan Furkó Kálmán. The Griff SE was established in 1993. In the first period of time the club and the trainings were undertaken by Györkös László 1st dan, then Szalóky Sándor 1st dan. Currently the club has 80-90 members from young children to adults. Now, the club is managed by Szalóki Sándor who is a 3rd dan master. On the trainings we pay attention to all Kyokushin karate elements. The spiritual and physical development is guaranteed by the various exercises, proper load according to age and ability, furthermore the spiritual and moral standards of the members. The leader trainers of the club not just do kyokushin karate as a sport but karate became a style of living for them. The atmosphere of the club is familiar, we spend time together on many programs apart from trainings. We try to discipline youths to respect every people. Collective trips and hikes are good occasions for learning to respect nature and the importance of environment protection. In children’s groups more than 50 children attend our trainings. In 2010 the club raised many champions and medalists in local and international competitions. We collected 11 gold medal, 16 silver medal and 13 bronze medal. We have Hungarian champion and Slovak champion too. We admit members continually, the lower age limit is 6.

We hope that the values we transmit will come through in the future and we will have followers that overtake us.


Over the past few years the popularity of our club has been rising. When we started to work with the rising generation 6 years ago, nobody thought that we could take pride in the numer of members and the success too. In these days it has become reality. The number of the members in the children’s group is more than 70, among them 20-25 members take part in competitions regularly. This is a great achievement. In 2013 the club set two adult group going, one for beginners and one for a few adult competitors. All  members of these groups are still active participants of the club and visit the trainings regularly. The number of the adult competitors have been growing, they have achieved signal success and have faced challenge. Thanks to it, we entered for the Adult National Championship in 2014. The aim of our club is to form a group where everyone can find his or her account and to form a place where everyone can trade and find friends and get such values that take further in sport and private life too.

Dojo Kun:


1. We will train our heart and bodies for a firm unshaken spirit.
2. We will pursue the true meaning of Budu, so that in time our senses may be alert.
3. With true vigour, we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self denial.
4. We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors and fefrain from violence.
5. We will follow our religious principles and never forget the true virtue of humility.
6. We will look upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires.
7. All our lives through the discipline of karate, we will seek to fulfill the true
meaning of the kyokushin way.